Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday, October 02, 2009

How many of you reading this blog really knows what type of processor you're really using and how good it is? or even know what a processor is for..

Press (START) + (PAUSE)
Don't ask how, see your keyboard, the start is windows key and where you have to find the pause yourself.

Are you using Intel or AMD?
How fast is it? 1.8? 3.0?

That's not really all about processor, there's cache, architecture, technology, Front-Side-Bus, Socket and a lot more which is more important than the speed itself.

As how I describe today, took a first step to Blog. Soon, will be filling the empty-blog with pictures and etc.

Morning : Wake up late, arrive @ work late, started everything late, went breakfast late.

Had ROTI CANAI at Hutton Lane, Penang. Taste is really not bad, it's more like having breakfast in a bar. I don't know how's the taste of ROTI CANAI inside ur mind, sweet or saltiness.

Noon : Had lunch with a teen-lady who left her college early just to print something at another college where she's not studying there anymore.

Evening :

Night :

Thank you for reading.